Prayer Women’s League

The Prayer Women’s League (PWL) was launched on the 9th Aug 2016 with the adoption of the Constitution becoming the first PWL formation in ELCSA-Northern Transvaal (ELCSA-NT). The main objective of the League is to strengthen faith by living a prayerful life and make impactful actions in others’ lives. To this effect the PWL’s Motto is based on PRAYER, LOVE & CHARITY. Members are encouraged to pray daily anywhere and everywhere they may be, hold chain prayers every Thursday evening at 21h00 and have prayer meetings sharing the Word every third Sunday of the month. It has undertaken to drive charity work within the congregation through blanket/clothes/goods collection and donation to agreed charities. To date it has just over 15 members officially.

Contact: Kgadi Bopape (, 082 416 6533



Wardens are members of the congregation who are responsible for assisting Moruti during the service. Wardens prepare the church for service, including the readiness of the Altar, the Holy Communion, and any other requirements for special services such as Baptism or Confirmations. Wardens also do the readings for the day and certain prayers during the service

Contact: Godden Sibanda (, 073 363 7793


Prayer Men’s League

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step is the League’s motto. Members join the league for the single reason which is to serve the church. The league started in October 2016 and the members are responsible for the maintenance of the church facilities as well as other projects around the church. To date, the league has 12 members.   PML exists to:

  • To enlist and coordinate the manpower of the church for an effective performance of essential Christian activities.
  • To cultivate the Christian life of men through study, worship, fellowship and service.
  • To inspire men to support the total programme of the church in the congregation

Monthly meetings are held every third Sunday of the month after service in the church library.

Contact: Abel Kganane ( 082 920 9765


Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral Care Team works with Pastor to provide emotional and spiritual support to families

during difficult times. They arrange and deliver prayer services during bereavements,

hospital and home visits for the sick, and other supports needed. Counselling is only offered

by Pastor. In 2017, the team grew from 2 people to 5 including the pastor and consist of the

following people:

  • Rebecca Mahlo
  • Chris Mahlakwane
  • Betty Mthembu
  • Mulangi Mphego

Contact: Rebecca Mahlo ( 082 821 7431


Synod Representative

For the ELCSA-NT Synod, St Johannes Lutheran Church has one Synod representative and a deputy. Only one person can attend the Synod. Our Synod representatives are:


  • Mrs Betty Mthembu – Synod Representative
  • Chris Mahlakwane – Deputy Synod Representative

Mrs. Mthembu attended the last Synod held in September 2017, in Hermannsburg.

Contact: Betty Mthembu ( 073 147 4344



The church choir renders an item every Sunday. The Choir members also lead the congregation in songs. Currently is made up of female members only. They are looking for more people to join, especially the male members of the congregation. Despite a few challenges that they face, the choir remain committed to sing, teach new songs and praise the Lord.

Contact: Mosadi Machaba ( 082 870 9622


Hymn Selection Committee


This team assist in choosing hymns for the Sunday services. Hymns are chosen to go along with the lectionary readings or theme of the day. The hymns often include multiple languages to accommodate the diversity within the congregation. Only two people serve on this ministry who are Mrs Mosadi Machaba and Mrs Kgadi Bopape. The team is looking to grow in the future

Contact: Mosadi Machaba ( 082 870 9622



Sunday School Ministry

This ministry’s focus is on the little ones. The purpose of the ministry is to facilitate Christian education at an early age until the children are ready to start attending Confirmation classes. The Sunday School ministry is ran by 12 Sunday School teachers who rotate on a weekly basis to run the lessons every Sunday in parallel to the main Sermon in church.

Contact: Constance Bajomo ( 082 873 6412


Youth Adults aka Batlhatlhabaswa

This the newest ministry in the church made up of the young adult members of the church. This ministry purpose is all about upliftment of young adult in the church and fellowshipping together to strengthen each other’s faith. They share amongst themselves and discuss issues that relate to the young members of the nation such as work environment issues, parenting, marriage life and the political sphere that South Africa finds itself in. They sing and pray together.

Contact Thabitha Motau ( 082 827 7550.




Congregational Council

The members of council are nominated by the congregation and voted into council during an AGM. Council is responsible for the administration of the church and are the integral link between the church and the ELCSA-NT church head office. Under the leadership of Mrs. Rebecca Mahlo and the new pastor, Moruti Jack Magoro, the current council has been tasked with

  • ensuring there are strict control of the church finances are in place,
  • growing the congregation, which currently sits at about 70 members
  • and lastly embracing the Lutheran way in the church

Contact: Rebecca Mahlo ( 082 821 7431